4 Ways to Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle

There’s no debating it anymore. What you do — or don’t do — for your health has dramatic cumulative effects and greatly impacts your overall health, both now and in the future. 

Developing and maintaining good habits is a powerful, intentional tool that supports good health and an excellent quality of life. 

Because of this, forward-thinking practitioners are beginning to offer healthy lifestyle management services. These doctors take a holistic and highly customized approach to each patient’s unique situation. 

Dr. Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan and Dr. Catherine Schiano have enthusiastically adopted this care model, and they’re seeing that it greatly benefits their patients.

Partnering with your doctor to take excellent care of yourself now means that you’re more likely to avoid serious health crises years or decades down the road, like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. How’s that for a win-win?

The importance of daily self-care

We can’t stress the advantages of our healthy lifestyle management approach enough. We know that, for example, that eating processed, fatty, and sugary foods, as well as smoking and leading a sedentary lifestyle are all unhealthy choices. 

We also know that in order to give you every chance possible to practice the good health habits we’re all aware of, it takes more than just reciting them to you, or giving you a photocopy of an article to take home with you. 

We communicate with you about how to optimize your health in ways that are:

We’re invested in not only guiding you toward better health, but also walking the path with you. 

4 impactful ways to support your healthy lifestyle

We’ve chosen four “biggies” to talk about in this post. Each is doable and helps dramatically reduce your risk of serious conditions.

1. Eat to fuel your body

We strongly believe that what you use to fuel your body is crucial to your well-being. A diet peppered with fast food, late-night snacks, and skipped meals (only to binge later) cannot compare to a diet that keeps your blood sugar levels even, your energy at warp speed, and skin and hair looking fabulous.

Eating a variety of whole foods plus fruits and vegetables (the rainbow plate) and keeping sugary snacks and beverages to a minimum is truly a gift that you give yourself. Incorporating nutrient-rich foods into your life isn’t hard; it just takes some planning.

2. Get moving

Being sedentary for long periods of time, like when you’re at work, and skipping workouts contribute to joint problems and raise your risk for a host of conditions, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

You don’t have to behave like a semi-pro athlete to greatly benefit your health, either. Fitting in about 150 minutes of exercise per week is ideal, but anything from a brisk walk to vigorous gardening counts. 

3. Catch some Z’s

We’ve all known the agony of tossing, turning, and trying to get to sleep but not being able to — and the fogginess we feel the next day. High-quality rest is essential to both your physical and mental performance. 

A good night’s sleep also lowers inflammation in your body, strengthens your immune system, and even helps regulate your blood pressure. 

4. Kick the smoking habit

There are a million reasons not to smoke. It’s damaging to virtually every system in your body and a contributor to every serious health condition in the book: cancer, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, and the list goes on. Smoking is also the cause of nearly half a million deaths each year

If you struggle with quitting, we have tools that can help you end the habit — for good. The list of benefits that come with quitting smoking is long, too: clearer lungs, better breathing, a stronger heart, lower cholesterol, and a more robust immune system.

Teamwork in action

We’re eager to work with you to map out your healthiest life. It’s reachable with a preventive approach, knowledge of your medical history, and a plan designed specifically for you. 

We help you with nutrition (not just advice, but how to execute a plan in the real world with recipes and healthy snack ideas), managing your stress effectively and in healthy ways, refining your sleep hygiene and routines, getting more active, and banishing bad health habits.

Think of the Central Jersey Family Physicians as part of your team that helps defend your body against chronic disease. With the right strategy, you can build on your success each and every day. 

Call our office at 732-257-1171 to set up a healthy lifestyle consultation, or reach out to us on our website

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