Are You a Concierge Medicine Member?

When you hear the term, “concierge,” you may think of a hotel employee who goes to great lengths to please guests. 

Well, now you can get that kind of VIP service from your primary doctor, too! 

The days of the house call are long gone, and a typical doctor’s office visit, sadly, is a rather rushed affair. How can you really get high-quality care if your visits are hurried and you feel like a number?

Dr. Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan, Dr. Catherine Schiano, and the entire team at Central Jersey Family Physicians were as upset as you about this very problem. But we’re solving it by adopting an innovative care model called “concierge medicine,” with extraordinary results.

Why do I need concierge medicine?

If you want care that’s customized to each member of your family, then you need concierge medicine. Also known as direct primary care, this system started as an effort to treat the drawbacks of the American healthcare system:

In its early days, concierge medicine was only available to the wealthy few, because it was pretty expensive. Now concierge care is available at much lower costs. 

We physicians have seen that we can give better care to a smaller patient population than when we work within the traditional framework.

How does concierge medicine work?

Concierge medicine simplifies the complicated primary care system. Since patients pay a flat monthly fee, we can maintain a smaller network of patients, which allows our providers to spend more time with each person during a visit. 

You get virtually unlimited access to your doctor, and the response time is quicker. Patient-physician communication happens in real time in appointments, via email and text, and during telemedicine visits.

Concierge medicine is a win-win for both patient and doctor:

We can offer a concierge medicine program because we partnered with MDVIP, a national network of physicians devoted to concierge care. Becoming a concierge medicine member with us automatically means you’re part of the excellent MDVIP Wellness Program. 

Concierge medicine membership has its privileges

A surprising number of people don’t see their primary care physician regularly, and many don’t even have one. This puts your health at risk, because your PCP is your most important health ally. 

As a Wellness Program member, you:

Contact us to learn about our concierge medicine program

Getting you access to better, personalized, more affordable health services is the philosophy on which we founded this practice. We’d love to discuss the many ways that it benefits you to become a concierge medicine member with us. 

It’s as easy as calling our office at 732-257-1171 or simply booking an appointment online

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