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Say “Hello” to Spring and “Goodbye” to Unwanted Hair

The warm air, bursting blossoms, and longer days of spring are perfect for spending your lunch hour outside, leaving the office a bit early, or working in the garden.  

The warmer weather also means shedding those layers of clothing you’ve been stuck under for months. But are you self-conscious about having body hair in awkward places, or facial fuzz you’d like to say “bye” to?

The team at Central Jersey Family Physicians offers an innovative, pain-free, and best of all permanent solution for getting rid of your unwanted hair, no matter where it is. 

Dr. Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan and Dr. Catherine Schiano eagerly adopted the Icon™ laser by CynosureⓇ hair-removal system and have treated patients with great success using this method. 

What is Icon laser?

Icon laser is a super-effective, completely noninvasive hair-removal system that rids you of unwelcome hair on your:

It’s a treatment that can effectively address all of these locations and be gentle enough for your face and sensitive areas like your underarms and bikini area. 

The system works by destroying the follicles that unwanted hair grows from, which eliminates the possibility for regrowth. 

What’s an Icon laser treatment like?

We treat the area where your hair will be removed with a topical numbing agent first. Our patients report that a very light tingle is the most discomfort they experience during a treatment, which typically lasts under an hour. Icon laser allows us to specifically target your treatment area.

When we use the Icon laser, we apply the handheld device to the portion of your skin we’re treating, and afterwards, you can go back living your normal life with no special post-treatment concerns or discomfort. 

Advantages of the Icon laser

In terms of results, you might need only a single treatment, but it depends on your individual goals, the area being treated, and how much hair needs to be removed. Since we design a treatment plan based on your goals, we suggest a number of treatments to match them. 

Dr. Tomlinson-Phelan and Dr. Schiano favor the Icon laser system because of its flexibility. The system is equipped with an array of handheld devices so that the treatment is delivered to various parts of your body as comfortably as possible. 

Icon laser works on all skin types and tones as well. This treatment allows you to bid a fond farewell to the nuisances of shaving, ingrown hairs, and pesky recurring stubble. 

Another important thing to remember is that Icon laser is used for more than hair removal. It also works to minimize facial flaws like lines, scars, rosacea-related problems, and sun spots. 

Reach out to learn more about Icon laser hair removal

Get spring- and summer-ready by removing your unwanted hair — and the self-consciousness that goes along with it — with Icon laser. Call our office at 732-257-1171 or book an appointment online.

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