The Importance of Health Care for Men

Studies have shown that some men will do a lot to avoid going to the doctor. 

The reasons range from feeling vulnerable, like a “passive” patient, to wanting to maintain an independent, “tough” identity, but avoiding the doctor can be dangerous. 

Even if they do go to the doctor, men typically minimize their symptoms for fear of seeming “weak,” and this can have tragic consequences.

Since men are at a higher risk than women for a host of diseases, it’s in your best interest to get preventive and regular medical care, and to be open with your physicians about what’s going on. 

Dr. Catherine Schiano and Dr. Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan know that routine checkups are musts for men and women (especially men). Our caring team at Central Jersey Family Physicians takes extra steps to make our male patients feel at ease, welcome, and not judged in any way. In short, everyone at our office is here to help. 

Why is health care so critical for men?

Men are at a higher risk for certain conditions than women, and on average, men have shorter life spans. This trend is slow to change, too, because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that for individuals born in 2009, men will live five years less than women.

At Central Jersey Family Physicians, we believe that in addition to primary care, our male patients should get male-centered care that goes above and beyond general care. We provide preventive screenings, routine care, and help with chronic conditions or injury-related issues.

What does this type of care look like? Male-centered health care takes men’s unique health needs into account at every age and stage of a man’s life. We care for our male patients with sensitivity and respect. 

Shattering the stereotypes around men and health care

Men are reluctant to pursue routine and specialty care, and we hear everything from not wanting to share “their business” with doctors to a lack of time as reasons. 

For others, finding a physician for standard care is a big enough hurdle, and they’re simply not going to then take the extra time to find someone who can help them with uniquely male conditions such as:

Dr. Schiano and Dr. Tomlinson-Phelan counsel you on these matters and tailor their recommendations to your age, condition, and lifestyle

Here’s how we can help you live a healthier life

We can help provide treatment for more than you think. Here’s a list of some of the things we can help with.

Lowering your risk for diseases

Men are at higher risk for heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and melanoma — all serious conditions with potentially life-altering effects. We’re here to help you with preventive strategies that can lower your risk for these and other diseases. If you’re living with a chronic condition, we help you manage it over the long term. 

We also educate men about what they can do to lower their risk for male-specific diseases like prostate and testicular cancer. Self-exams, similar to breast self-exams, are key preventive weapons. 

Dealing with substance abuse

Men are also more frequently diagnosed with alcohol misuse disorder, cirrhosis of the liver, and lung cancer, which brings home the point that the ways men cope with stress impact their health. We help you examine how you relieve stress and steer you toward healthy, non-harmful activities.

Preserving your mental health

Finally, we know that your physical and emotional health are intertwined. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, you’re not alone, and it’s important to get help. 

These feelings happen to even the most resilient of us. We’re happy to offer strategies to support you emotionally, to discuss these issues with you, and to connect you with mental health resources. Help is available, and you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. 

Boosting your confidence

We also provide innovative Icon™ laser aesthetic treatments that improve your self-esteem and make you feel better about how you look, because that’s not just for women, either!

Physician-patient partnership is key in men’s health

A healthier you means committing to lowering your risk for disease, sharing the health issues that are challenging you with your doctor, and never failing to ignore symptoms. Everyone at Central Jersey Family Physicians is dedicated to helping you achieve excellent health.

Schedule your appointment today and bolster your well-being by either calling our office at 732-257-1171 or connecting with us through our website.

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