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If you or a loved one has a developmental or intellectual disability, finding the right primary care provider has likely been a challenge. Michelle Tomlinson-Phelan, DO, and Catherine Schiano, DO, the dedicated, compassionate team at Central Jersey Family Physicians, specialize in caring for individuals with disabilities and strives to make each patient feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. To schedule your appointment, call the office in East Brunswick, New Jersey today.

Developmental Disabilities Q & A

How do I find the right care provider?

Whether you or a loved one are living with an intellectual or developmental disability, you have likely encountered a struggle in finding a dedicated primary care provider. The statistics show that people with disabilities are less likely to get the preventive screenings needed to protect their health. They also have a higher rate of emergency room visits and an increased likelihood of a stay in the hospital.

Working with the right primary care provider changes all of that. The dedicated team at Central Jersey Family Physicians strives to offer top-tier care to their patients with disabilities. That includes comprehensive screenings, preventive medicine to avoid hospital visits, and tailored care that helps each patient lead their healthiest lives. 

What services are available to people with developmental disabilities?

Central Jersey Family Physicians doesn’t change their care level or their service offerings when a patient has an intellectual or developmental disability. Patients with disabilities have access to their full spectrum of services, including:

  • Preventive medicine

  • Women’s health care

  • Men’s health care

  • Cosmetic treatment with the Icon™ laser

  • Healthy lifestyle management

Additionally, Central Jersey Family Physicians delivers any specialized medical care based on the individual’s disability. Some of the disabilities with which they have experience include:

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Down syndrome

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Hearing impairment

  • Vision impairment

Their entire team is dedicated to delivering the best, most accommodating care to all of their patients with disabilities. 

How old do you have to be to receive treatment for developmental disabilities?

Central Jersey Family Physicians sees patients of all ages. And as family physicians, their doctors are experienced at integrating parents or other caregivers into their care. They prioritize education and work with you to ensure you understand all of the available treatment options when it is needed. 

At the same time, their emphasis on preventive care minimizes the need for treatment. With preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle management services, Central Jersey Family Physicians aims to keep their patients with disabilities healthy and balanced so they can lead their best lives. 

If you’re living with a developmental or intellectual disability or you have a loved one who is, Central Jersey Family Physicians is here to offer high-level, personalized care. Call the office to learn more about the way they work with their patients with disabilities. 



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